Hemp and Queensland Itch for Horses ?

Hemp & Queensland Itch In Horses

Queensland itch is an inflammatory response that causes itching in horses. Hemp contains powerful anti-inflammatories that may help horse itching. Hemp Feed for horses works through the gut, creating a balanced probiotic simply by adding Hemp to your horses standard feeding regime.

Hemp Horse Feeding rate guide

Less than 270kg 1-4 Cups
270 - 360kg 1-5 Cups
360 - 450kg 2-6 Cups
450- 590kg 4-8 Cups
More than 590kg 6-10 Cups

We recommend to start with 1 cup in the morning and one in the evening and then increase it by one cup every two days until you reach the maximum amount for your horses with special needs...

After you are seeing the results drop back down to half the maximum amount and adjust your feeding rates until you find the best rate for each horse.

QLD itch is caused by an allergic response to the bites of Culicoides midges. Also known as Queensland Itch, Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis, Summer Itch in horses.

Horse Skin, Hair & Itch Balm (Hemp, Bees Wax, Turmeric & Lemon Myrtle)

This cream is a topical barrier cream made from infused Hemp Oil, Bees Wax, Turmeric & Essential Oil of Lemon Myrtle.

Our range of Natural Hemp Healing Balms are designed to act as a topical barrier cream. Hemp can naturally promotes healthy, shining coats in horses.


Horse Arthritis and Hemp's Anti-Inflammatory Properties ?

Hemp contains natural anti inflammatories that may help with joint inflammation, topical aches & pains, bruising & cuts.

Hemp Horse Balm (With Comfrey & Arnica) 

Made from infused Hemp, Comfrey and Arnica in Almond Oil, Turmeric, Beeswax with Essential Oils of Wintergreen & Cypress. Made from local, organic ingredients only in Northern NSW, Australia.

Simply rub a small amount into joints every morning and evening. Hemp may prove to provide relief from aches and pains, sore bones & stiff joints.


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