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Horse Feed, Hemp Horse Food

Hemp For Horses is a natural Horse Food and Horse Supplement

What’s in your horse feed bins ? Bet its not Hemp! No Hemp won’t get your horse high, it is actually one of the most nutritionally complete feeds available for Horses.

Just 1 cup per day is the perfect nutritional supplement to balance your horses diet.

Why Hemp is the Best Feed for Horse Diets ?

Hemp Horse Feed contains most of the missing pieces of your Horses diet. It has a complete Amino Acid profile, all the omegas oils (3,6 & 9), fibre and is 100% natural. Hemp is a high energy Horse Food | Rich in anti-oxidants and features the correct ratio of zinc to copper | suitable as a feed for grain intolerant horses | Hemp is a High energy, sustained release Horse Food.

Dose: 1 cup per day for maintenance | 2-4 cups per day for performance and recovery.

Horse Feed Supplement

Is there something missing from your horse diet ? Add hemp to create a complete horse feed. Hemp is a powerful component in a balanced diet for horses. Hemp is also one of the best feeds for growing horses. If you are an equestrian enthusiast looking to give your horses the best diet, add Hemp to your feeding regime to see results, fast!

How does Hemp compare to other Horse Feed brands ?

Unlike other Horse feed brands, Hemp for Horses contains only 100% natural, Australian grown Hemp. Our product contains no pesticides, herbicides or genetic modification. Other supplements and feeds contain soy and other ingredients which are detrimental to your horses health.

100% Australian Hemp Horse Feed 

Hemp for Horses is an Australian horse feed suitable for all horse breeds. Whether you are into horse riding, competitive horse games or run a horse yard, Hemp for horses is an invaluable addition to your feeding regime.

Hemp for Horses is available Australia wide. We ship from the Northern Rivers of NSW. Contact us at; | 0472 684 636


100% natural high energy Horse Feed | Rich in anti-oxidants, high in fibre , Omega oils and essential fatty acids | Features the correct ratio of zinc to copper | suitable as a feed for grain intolerant horses | High energy, sustained release Horse Food.

Introducing a horse food that finally stands up to the challenges that face Horse owners in Australia! Hemp for horses has been created to address the issues posed to horse owners by the extreme weather and climate of Australia. The answers to these challenges is proper nutrition and Hemp provides the solution due to its high Omega oil content and essential fatty acids.

The importance of balanced Omegas is vital when keeping performance horses sound and well through the stresses of competition and in keeping all horses sound and happy through to old age.
Hemp is rich in anti-oxidants, high in fibre and absorbed in the hind gut making it an optimal source of energy without the "fizz' and therefore suitable as a feed for grain intolerant horses. As an added bonus, it has the correct ratio of zinc to copper, so often out of balance in Australian soils.  It also helps that it is 100% natural, spray free and  the Horses love it!
Hemp For Horses Australian Horse Feed
'I have a mare of 29, who Ive loved and cherished for over 25 years, but who had a serious injury at 5 which resulted in compromised joint mobility.  I had always fed her Linseed, as many people do because we have been aware for many years of the importance of a balance of Omega 3-6-9 oils and GLA's, which despite claims to the contrary, are not balanced in other commonly fed oils.
However,  the difficulty with Linseed is its short  shelf life, plus  the need to grind the seeds for 8 horses posed a challenge!  When I first tried Hemp seed hulls, it was chiefly for my old mare and my horses who were struggling with Queensland Itch.
I ended up putting ALL my horses on hemp because I couldn't believe the difference it made to their condition, their skin, and their hooves! I had always struggled with hoof issues due to the climate and the fungal and bacterial conditions which go with it, and  then there was the dreaded  Qld Itch! I had been battling it forever and had tried many supplements claiming to help but it was greatly improved with the hemp seed  hulls.
I like to feed a natural diet  and so am sceptical of many supplements out there as very little is  actually absorbed  by the horse and we are yet to fully understand the impact of synthetic additives in the horses diet. In addition, feed manufacturers are not obliged to list all ingredients, something which I find unsettling to say the least! ." Dawn Blackwell - Veteran Horse Trainer
Hemp for Queensland Itch
Queensland itch is caused by an allergy to the the saliva of the Cullicoides Midge,  and it sets a nasty cycle of endless scratching and  irritation. All allergies are basically an auto-immune response, and as such respond brilliantly to Hemp 
After just a few weeks of feeding hemp  I was thrilled to find such a marked difference to the horses affected by itch and my old mare moving more freely. It also gives me peace of mind for long term joint health of the young horses and it has a perfect balance of amino acids, the building blocks of protein vital for muscle development and repair.