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  • Hemp Feed For Horses

    Horse Feed | Made from 100% Australian Hemp Hemp for Horses is rich in anti-oxidants, high in fibre , Omega oils and essential fatty acids. Hemp f...
  • Hemp Horse Feeding rate guide

    Hemp Horse Feeding rate guide

    Less than 270kg 1-4 Cups
    270 - 360kg 1-5 Cups
    360 - 450kg 2-6 Cups
    450- 590kg 4-8 Cups
    More than 590kg 6-10 Cups
  • Queensland Itch In Horses Natural Remedies with Hemp Horse Feed

    Queensland itch is an inflammatory response that causes itching in horses. Hemp for horses produces queensland itch natural remedies that can help stop horse itching as hemp is a natural anti inflammatory. Hemp Feed for horses works through the gut, creating a balanced probiotic to ease queensland itch in your horse.