Hemp Feed For Horses

Horse Feed | Made from 100% Australian Hemp

Hemp for Horses is rich in anti-oxidants, high in fibre , Omega oils and essential fatty acids. Hemp features the correct ratio of zinc to copper is suitable as a feed for grain intolerant horses and is a high energy, sustained release Horse Food.

Hemp has shown to affect immunity, skin, hair & hoof health and Improve recovery times for horses while giving your horse the best natural nutrition free from pesticides, fillers & GMO.

100% Pure Hemp, natural whole food nutrition

Hemp Horse Feeding rate guide

Less than 270kg 1-4 Cups
270 - 360kg 1-5 Cups
360 - 450kg 2-6 Cups
450- 590kg 4-8 Cups
More than 590kg 6-10 Cups

We recommend to start with 1 cup in the morning and one in the evening and then increase it by one cup every two days until you reach the maximum amount for your horses with special needs...

After you are seeing the results drop back down to half the maximum amount and adjust your feeding rates until you find the best rate for each horse.

Australian Horse Feed, 100% Natural High Energy Hemp Horse Supplement

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  • Hi ,
    Can I ask a question please? So I feed fibre protect now (Lucerne chaff with b vitamins and yeast in it for gut health ) plus Lupins and chelated calcium , Equine vit and min suppliment and salt. But if I bought the hemp feed for horses would I add it to this mix already or take out lupins .

    Julianne Denham

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